The Organisation

Human House A/S offers assistance in the development of competencies in companies, organisations, the Danish government and municipalities in Denmark and in foreign countries, specialising in topics like leadership, organisational life, business coaching and culture. 

Human House is among other things known for:

-    OPPs partner and the Danish provider of certification in MBTI, 16pf, TKI and Firo-B.

-    Analysis of project leadership in municipalities and governmentally controlled organisations.

-    International competencies development in Denmark.

-    Open courses for leaders of companies.

-    Leader- and organisation development in a number of companies.

-    International orientation with outsourcing, cultural challenges in workplaces and company fusions.

-     Denmark’s only member in World Association of Business Coaches.

-    20 years of stable economy and positive equity capital.

Human House is a consultant company with practical experience in the topics in which we offer courses and competencies development.

All activities can be done in both Danish and English. 

Human House has departments in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Nairobi and a large network in Denmark and foreign countries. Human House A/S is the Nordic representative for ITAP international. Our consultant group consists of psychologists, economists, organisational experts and people with personal leadership experience.   

Our consultants use authorised methods and are certified in a number of organisational tools, culture development methods and psychological tests.