Human House focuses on knowledge and development – both for our own organisation and for our customers – and we do that through cooperation and contact with many established partners.  

Follow the links below to read more about our partners.



ITAP International is our international network, which provides the connection to qualified consultants and suppliers in all parts of the world. Human House is the Danish, Nordic and east African representative for ITAP and we are the only supplier of ITAP’s international HR and culture test.



WABC, World Association of Business Coaches is the worlds leading forum for practitioners of organisational Business Coaching. There are only a small number of seats in the global expert panel and Human House has one of these seats, which means that we get inspiration from and influence on one of the worlds leading coaching forums.


DJØF is an organisation for practitioners and students of law, economics and social sciences. DJØF represents more than 82.000 members and in cooperation with Human House offer different competency development courses.


Studieskolen has taught languages and been a leading institution in the development of language educational practices since 1977. Today studieskolen teaches more than 8000 professionals, expats and private persons in over 30 languages each year. Human House offers leadership courses every year in cooperation with studieskolen.