"The right way"

In the individual coaching session our consultants are using a range of different tools and conversation forms together with their entire knowledge and experience to advice the customer with regards to the current challenges of the customer.

Whether it is about leadership challenges, career thoughts, handling conflicts or personal growth, we will choose from our many different ways of working, to best suit the needs of the individual customer.

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Coaching is not only an effective tool for the development of each individual. There are also advantages for teams in using coaching as a way to support their cooperation and results. Coaching with reflecting teams, group coaching and two-and-two coaching, are some of the methods that can contribute to the realization of the developmental potentials of a team. Coaching of teams creates a space, where it is possible to focus on dialogue, reflection and learning, and where the participants  can be made to consider them self as both an individual and a team member. The strength and weaknesses of each individual tends to be most apparent in the close relations to other individuals – as for example in the team.


Strategic sparring

When the leader are going to make new strategic decisions, many will seek sparring and counseling by an extern consultant, and that is a good idea, because one of the most crucial factors for the quality of strategy is that it has been explained many times and that the right questions have been asked– also the more critical ones.

Strategic sparring with one of the consultants from Human House gives the developer of the strategy someone to "bounce ideas off", as well as professional thoughts and ideas to use for inspiration in the further development and refinement of the strategy.

Besides that, the sparring conversations ensures, that you minimize the risk of leaving out one of the many factors that needs to be considered when creating a new strategy.