Culture of the organisation

Organisations in change

Organisational culture is challenged when organisations implement changes, fuses with other organisations, or develop new strategies or principles of work. Often the focus of the organisational change-makers is aimed elsewhere, and organisational culture is therefore often forgotten - until problems arise.

By consciously working with organisational culture in times of profound organisational change and development, it is possible to create cultural support for the change-initiatives instead of cultural opposition. 


Examples of the services of Human House:

-   Understanding and development of culture

-   Comprehensive culture analysis

-   Handling of culture in a global perspective

It is our experience, that different elements of organisational culture are highly important in the process of making successful changes. We recommend involving culture elements early in the process of change, involving for instance focus on a common understanding of values, developing and modifying HR-politics and development of leadership that supports the culture.

At Human House we have a cultural sociological approach to working with organisational culture and have for the last 17 years worked with organisational culture, understanding of culture, culture analysis and culture handling.