Intercultural Cooperation

Learn how to work across boarders and cultures

Cooperation across boarders and between cultures are becoming more and more of a need – both when having employees and colleagues with different cultural backgrounds, and when working in international contexts. Staffs with mixed cultures are potentially very effective, but they can also be very ineffective. In Human House, we teach you to turn the differences into strengths instead of weaknesses.

interkulturelt samarbejde hjemmeside.jpg  

Human House works with intercultural organisations in Asia, Africa, Latin America, USA, Scandinavia and Denmark and we know, that the cultural challenges can be as big in a Danish-Swedish cooperation as in a cooperation of two companies on each side of the world.

We will be happy to supply your intercultural toolbox and to focus on your special needs and interests.

The overall goal for the employees is to become better at handling cultural differences. The purpose is therefore to strengthen the employee's ability to work across cultures and values with a constructive focus, make the strategic abilities for minimizing conflicts better, turn cultural differences into an asset, and to provide knowledge about personal challenges and resources in intercultural contexts.