Leadership Development

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Development in a big perspective

Leadership development can be considered as one of Human House’ absolute key areas, and it is something which we have continually worked with and have developed through a substantial number of projects.

We always take a multifaceted approach to leadership development, focusing on different aspects such as: personal resources, psychological aspects, the organisation as a whole, business understanding, as well as specific methods of leadership. Professional, effective and ethically responsible leadership development, demands an ability to view the respect for economic functioning and the respect for the individual, as two elements that are not in opposition, but rather as two elements that can support each other and create synergy in the organisation.


Leadership development as a internal development process for the individual and the organisation

The typical leadership development process that we help facilitate, is performed internally in the organisation, where one or more teams of leaders work together in a number of modules, do different projects in the organisation, and receive individual coaching. Besides the benefits of individual learning on the part of the leaders, the organisation as a whole is given a "culture-boost", and a common platform for future progress.

Furthermore you will, as a leader, get a more detailed understanding of your own actions and your preferred ways of acting, and how different personality profiles  - of both leaders and employees – can cause cooperative challenges. The focus will be on how these can be handled in the best possible way.