It takes times to find the right employee, and it is not always an easy job to find the right person to the important jobs. Because of that recruitment can become at long, difficult and frustrating process, where irrelevant appliers are rejected and huge amounts of time are used for talking with a wide range of possible candidates for the job - time that instead could be used on other tasks in the organisation.

Human House can help you reduce the time spend searching for the right employee, and we offer to make sure, that the right employee is actually found.

Together with our customer, we will work out what profile is needed and how the search for the right person should be conducted. Human House offers all kind of support in that process. You can choose to have us only make a list of potential candidates, and then take it from there yourself.

If you prefer that Human House takes on the whole process, including job adverts, administration of the applications, selection of candidates, testing of relevant candidates, and then the presentation of the few most qualified candidates, that is of course also an option.

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Our consultants are highly experienced with hiring employees at all levels. Therefore, by using Human House, you will get a professional, effective and goal orientated process, where you as our customer can participate in the process, in the extent that you prefer. Besides that all our consultants are certified in different personality-tests – e.g. 16PF – which specifically is a psychometric tool used for recruitment.