Team Development

In Scandinavia we have a long tradition for cooperation, but it is a well-known fact, that a common assignment will not necessarily create a team by itself. There isn't law of nature saying that cooperation will happen automatically. All groups or teams can experience problematic situations in which collaboration is functioning less than optimal.

Often these situations are met with limited professional attention to the coordination and functioning of the group. Human House have many years of experience in working with groups, project groups and teams – from design and development of team-based organisations to team development and the support of each team member.


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Focus in team- and group development

In practice, one can analyse the extent to which team members share the same understanding of the official demands, and whether they share basic norms and values in relation to their job. It is often a good start to focus attention on just what the members of the team or group is supposed to do together, and what it requires of their mutual interactions.

In team and group development, the focus is on the components necessary for smooth cooperation - as for instance: clear structure with shared goals and assignments; clarification of roles and culture with the goal of shaping effective cooperation towards the same goal; support for the product and attention to the well-being of team members.