Leading in a Multicultural Environment - LIAME

International leadership

– One of the most important courses in your career! 


Challenge your senses, values and strategic leadership qualifications in East Africa

Through one week of effective casework with strategy, CSR and intercultural challenges you will develop both your own potential and the potential of your organisation.

Kenya is a place that contains most of the common organisational challenges faced in Asia, Africa, South America and Denmark – a long way away from universities and business schools. This course is relevant for you no matter which countries and nationalities you work with and in, and is extremely relevant if you have a variety of cultures in your organisation. You and your ability to lead and take strategic action in a multi cultural situation will be the focus.

With a thorough day of introduction, one week of course and a debriefing day, you will get an intense experience that by far exceeds the ordinary. You will move your personal and professional limits and gain new perspectives on the things you work with in your daily job.

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Your Payoff

The course will give you:

-    Knowledge of how you can control your own company in a better way.

-    Insight in communication between different cultural environments

-    Insight in handling cultural differences in both Denmark and foreign countries.

-    Innovative thinking in relation to your leadership style and way of controlling organisations and groups.

-    “Brush up” and improvement of your skills in Business English.


For further information and sign up please contact: info@humanhouse.com