Project Leadership

People- and projects methods in politically controlled organisations

Two effective days for professional employees in municipalities:

Professional project leadership is both about being able to organise and control a project the right way, and about the ability to manage it and achieve support from employees. This short two days course is a guideline to the project leader in the municipality.

The focus is not on advanced theories, but rather on giving you the central tools and understandings that you will need as a project leader in the special reality of the municipality. 

The course will give you the basic abilities to organise and control projects and will help you to focus on how you can handle the communicative and leadership assignments related to projects in an efficient and professional way.

The course is an effective and goal orientated version for project leaders, that doesn’t need long reflections and case-discussions, but wants to work directly with methods and techniques. Whether you are already a formal project leader or are simply frequently involved in projects involving different stakeholders and departments, is not important for your participation in this course.



The next course on project leadership will be in Vejle, May 15th - 16th 2017.

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