16pf is a complete personality test and it is among the most valid indicators of human behavior based on more than 50 years of research and testing.

The 16pf questionnaire was originally developed by Raymond Cattel in 1949 and is today available in multiple languages. The questionnaire assess the individuals answers and compares them to 16 personality factors which gives a reliable and exact indication of future behavior. 

The 16 factors are:

Warmth Vigilance
Reasoning Abstractedness
Emotional Stability Privateness
Dominance Apprehension
Liveliness Openness to Change
Rule-Consciousness Self-Reliance
Social Boldness Perfectionism
Sensitivity Tension
   16pf BRUG.jpg


16pf is ideal for recruitment because of the tools focus on personality traits and future behavior. 16pf map’s out the personality factors it takes to achieve success in a position and can thereby be used to evaluate candidates and as basis for an interview.

16pf can with advantage also be used for management development, coaching, teambuilding, career coaching, consultancy and research.


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