More and more organisations are being characterized as multicultural given that employees from many different countries and cultures interact and cooperate on a daily basis. An organisation with an international profile can benefit from an increased understanding for cultural differences within the organisation as to heightened productivity and satisfaction among the employees.   

Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire (CWQII) is an analytic tool that can be used to identify and map out cultural preferences within a wide range of organisation related topics.

CWQII can be used for:

Management development

Change management

Awareness of organisational culture

Management and work in a global organisation

Organisational culture

Team development

Restructuring in an organisation

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Doug Stuart from IOR Global Services, whom has used the tool for many years, has the following to say about CWQII:

"IOR Global Services employs the Culture in the Workplace questionnaire as the basis for all its group training
 programs, whether the focus is Building Intercultural Awareness, Working With (any specific culture), Building Intercultural
 Competence, or Effective Multicultural Teams. It provides a structured, research-supported, and visual basis for defining and
 comparing crucial cultural differences and examining the behavioral challenges presented by these differences in the
 multicultural workplace. The CWQII is effective, easy to use and understand, and allows cultural trainers/coaches/facilitators to
 accomplish more, in less time, than anything else we're aware of in the marketplace. Additionally, it's very well received by 
program participants. Highly recommended!"



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