FIRO-B gives a thorough insight to the needs people have in their relation to others. It is an excellent resource for helping people building positive relations in their workplace, contribute to increased self-insight about oneself and how one perceive others and to build trust within a team.

FIRO-B is developed by Will Schultz and is a strong tool for team development, management development and personal development. FIRO-B can, besides predicting how a team will be able to cooperate and to deal with mutually conflicts, help shape an interpersonal environment that makes people thrive. 

FIRO-B measures how an individual typically behaves toward others and how the person in question wishes for others to behave towards him or her. The instrument evaluates interpersonal style and whether this style is suitable in the relations the person is a part of. The interpersonal style is evaluated on three different levels with focus on “What I express” versus “What I need”:

Inclusion Control      Affection
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Preliminary knowledge about psychometric tests is no requirement to participate in the course. The best background for participants is documented experience as a consultant, educator, process consultant or experience with teambuilding.


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